US Army Boot Keychain holder metal artwork from Iron Mountain Studios
Jan 29, 2024
In the heart of North Idaho, a small business with a big vision, Iron Mountain Studios, has been diligently crafting pieces that resonate with the spirit of America. Our Military...
Iron Mountain Studios: Capturing the Essence of the Wild and the Wonder of Idaho
Dec 27, 2023
In the heart of every nature enthusiast, there lies a deep appreciation for the raw beauty and majesty of the wilderness. Iron Mountain Studios, with its impeccable craftsmanship and artistic vision, taps into this passion through its stunning metal wall art pieces. Two of their standout creations, the Elk and Fisherman Metal Wall Art and the Idaho Metal Wall Art, beautifully capture the spirit of the wild and the essence of Idaho’s natural charm.
Iron Mountain Studios' Bear Artwork: Embracing the Wilderness in Your Home
Dec 18, 2023
There's a certain allure to the wilderness, a sense of majesty and mystery that captivates the imagination. Among the various icons of the wild, the bear stands tall – a symbol of strength, introspection, and the untamed spirit. Iron Mountain Studios captures this essence beautifully in their range of bear-themed artwork, particularly their bear and cub keychain holder and bear metal welcome sign. These pieces aren't just decorations; they are embodiments of nature's raw beauty and power.
Iron Mountain Studios: Welcoming Elegance to Your Home
Nov 21, 2023
Home is not just a place; it's a feeling. And the first impression of that feeling begins right at the entrance. Iron Mountain Studios, renowned for their craftsmanship and passion,...

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